Integration and interoperability

Smarter access to your technical information

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Petter Myrvang Petter Myrvang
Information risk manager
Johan Wilhelm Klüwer Johan Wilhelm Klüwer
Principal Specialist
Integration and interoperability

There is an increasing need to access, understand and use information independently of formats, systems and structures, especially in the context of big data methods and technologies. 

Oil and gas activities involve vast amounts of information and data, both structured and unstructured. Being able to manage and utilise these information assets effectively and fully is an advantage in a cost-conscious and competitive market. 

Our approach engages both multidiscipline domain expertise and corporate IT. In partnership with the industry, we have been responsible for developing information integration and interoperability best practices and techniques based on:

  • incremental development of installed database solutions, software and tools
  • business cases, requirements, specifications, and proof of concept
  • development/implementation support and follow-up
  • enabling domain experts to take control of information structuring and modelling
  • master data approach to existing technical industry standards, such as ASME, IEC, and NORSOK
  • securing information quality through ontology-based methods
  • best practice semantic and linked data technology (W3C standards)

Our expertise can help you gain the maximum benefit from your information, data and systems. 

What you get:

  • Integrated, consistent and easily accessible information independent of systems, sources or formats
  • Smarter and more reliable business operations at lower costs
  • Enhanced information quality and confidence in key decisions.