KEMA Laboratories Chalfont testing capabilities

ISO 17025 accredited by the A2LA and STLNA member, with experienced professionals able to offer customised solutions for IEEE, IEC, UL and ANSI testing

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Chalfont capabilities

Energy providers and power system equipment OEMs face a daily challenge to deliver reliable, affordable and sustainable electricity supply while addressing their own economic interests. This challenge is intensified by ever-increasing demand, longer transmission distances, aging infrastructure and higher customer expectations. To aid you in this challenge, KEMA Laboratories Chalfont offers an extensive range of standards-based testing for T&D systems and components.

Our teams of test professionals are dedicated to delivering customised solutions tailored to your needs. Their technical know-how and expertise in energy related testing sets KEMA Laboratories Chalfont apart from other service providers, giving you a valuable partner in your efforts to improve the quality and reliability of your components or energy network. Around the globe, KEMA Laboratories personnel serve on leading advisory bodies, standardisation committees and other organisations related to energy and testing & certification.

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Tests available
Below are just a few of the equipment types and respective tests offered by KEMA Laboratories at our facility in Chalfont, just outside Philadelphia.

Circuit breakers – to HV class

  • Short-circuit interruption make and break
  • Load switching test
  • Capacitive switching test
Contactors / starters – to MV class
  • Short-circuit interruption
  • Load switching test
  • Capacitive switching test

Switches – to HV class

  • Loop switching test
  • Cable / line charging test

Fuses – to MV class

  • AC short-circuit interruption
  • DC short-circuit interruption
Reclosers – to MV class
  • Load and fault interrupting tests
  • Please contact us to discuss your detailed testing needs

Fault Interrupters – to MV class

  • Load and fault interrupting tests
  • Please contact us to discuss your detailed testing needs

Power & distribution transformers – to HV class

  • Commutating resistance and reactance
  • Harmonic analysis test
  • Temperature rise tests
  • Cold-resistance of transformer windings
  • Hot-resistance of transformer windings
  • No-load and load loss tests
  • Impedance test
  • Short-circuit test
  • Impulse test
  • Ratio and polarity tests
  • Audible sound-level test
  • Induced voltage test
  • RI-9
  • Winding insulation resistance test

We are the only lab in the USA that can perform overload (RI-9) and short-circuit tests in one sequence. We can also design and conduct customer-specific tests on request.

Transformer rectifier assembly – to MV class

  • Tests with or without a bus duct connecting the transformer to the rectifier
  • Harmonic analysis test
  • Audible sound-level test
  • Efficiency, displacement power factor, and voltage regulation tests
  • Current balance test
  • Temperature rise test
  • RI-9 overload test
  • Short-circuit current test
  • Transient-surge voltage test
Bus Duct / Bus Bar – to HV class
  • Short-circuit withstand – AC & DC
  • Load switching test
  • Loop switching test

Surge arresters

  • Please contact us to discuss your detailed testing needs
Arc-resistant switchgear – arc / non-arc to MV class
  • Internal arcing fault


  • Dielectric test
  • Short-circuit test 
  • Temperature rise test 
  • Current balance test 
  • Customer-specific tests are available upon request