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KEMA Laboratories Prague

High Power and High Voltage Laboratory in Prague

Independent high-power and high-voltage testing, verification and certification from an ISO/IEC 17025-accredited laboratory located in Prague, Czech Republic

Manufacturers and end-users of low-, medium- and high- voltage electrical equipment rely on independent testing and verification services to ensure components meet international, local and other standards. Independent validation and certification also proves to the market and your customers that your products will act as expected in the field.

Trusted expertise and recognition
KEMA Laboratories, Prague provides you with a full portfolio of advanced and trusted testing and certification services, from two dedicated test facilities: our High-Power Lab (HPL) and our High-Voltage Lab (HVL). This includes:

  • Electrical type testing
  • Electrical validation testing
  • Electrical development

What’s more, if your component successfully completes all the requirements of a specific type test, it can be awarded a KEMA Type Test Certificate. The ultimate of quality and reliability, these Certificates open doors to business around the world.

60 years of component testing experience
ISO/IEC 17025-accredited, KEMA Laboratories, Prague gives you the peace of mind of working with a lab with almost 60 years of experience.

To give you a bit of our history:

  • 1953 HPL founded as ZKU
  • 1964 First synthetics installation
  • 1965 Laboratory of Interelektrotest association established
  • 1985 New generators installed
  • 1986 High current transformer (320 kA/2 s) installed
  • 1987 First accreditation
  • 1988 First digital measurement system (8 channels)
  • 1992 Privatisation
  • 1994 Joined Technical Committee of STL
  • 1995 Building completely renovated
  • 1997 First statics excitation system installed
  • 2005 Control room modernised
  • 2009 ZKU joins the KEMA family
  • 2011 Merger creates DNV KEMA
  • 2012 HVL set up
  • 2013 Merger creates DNV GL

With the experience and know-how of KEMA Laboratories, Prague working for you, you can be confident in the testing and certification of your products and components. So you can focus on your own core business and on achieving your goals.

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Robert Jech

Robert Jech

Business Line Director Europe, Operations Manager Czech Republic


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