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David Norfleet Dr. David Norfleet, P.E.
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Verification of subsea facilities

DNV GL is a world-class provider of laboratory services, with a global network of advanced testing instruments, standards, best practice, and experts. Our independent service, advisory and scientific knowledge hubs offer laboratory testing as a key element of our quality assurance, verification and technology qualification services, and as part of our contribution to joint industry projects and to improving standards and recommended practices. 

With laboratories and dedicated specialists across three continents, we combine global industry experience with local expertise to help you meet safety, performance and financial goals. Through knowledge-sharing, collaboration and partnerships, we help address short-term challenges and provide foresight into future trends. 

To help you understand the structural performance of your systems throughout the life cycle, our structural and corrosion laboratories carry out tests applying loads ranging from a few kg to 2500 tons in a number of environments (H2S, CO2, seawater etc.). These tests range from material testing according to industry standards, to highly-customised component testing. 

Understanding internal flow and how to accurately measure what flows through the system is essential to the production and distribution of hydrocarbons. Internal fluid flow can also damage systems through erosion and corrosion. DNV GL has a number of advanced flow loops for actual flow tests and we can calibrate flow meters from 1” to 32” in diameter.   

To help our customers understand the marine environment in which they operate, our biology laboratories have investigated more than 100,000 species taken from drilling and production sites. 

The reliability of electric power distribution systems is critical to energy supply. DNV GL has several laboratories available to carry out performance tests on power distribution system components, using power sources up to 2400kV. 

Safe operations also involve understanding the consequences if something should fail. DNV GL carries out large-scale fire and explosion tests in our world-leading facility.

Failure analysis is also a major part of our work. 

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