Linear structural analysis - Sestra

A general-purpose FE program for linear structural analysis

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Linear structural analysis - Sesam GeniE - Sestra software module

FE software for linear structural analysis

The Sestra software module is a general-purpose FE program for linear structural analysis. It uses models created by GeniE, Patran-Pre and/or Presel as input and generates results for use by the various post-processing tools. Tension/compression analysis can also be performed when Sestra is started from GeniE. Sestra handles very large analyses limited only by the hardware capacity.

What you get with Sestra software

  • The most rapid and robust finite-element solver
  • Extensively used and tested in maritime and offshore industries for more than 20 years, leading to continuous improvements
  • Ongoing developments within equation solving and dynamics prepare Sestra for future demands on solution speed and accuracy