Load frequency control

Optimising electricity reserves to ensure system stability and frequency quality in T&D networks

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Wessel Bakker Wessel Bakker
Business Development Manager
Load frequency control

Load-frequency control (LFC) and reserve management are essential parts of ensuring stable operation and good frequency quality in power systems. Drawing on our wide-ranging experience, DNV GL offers a variety of expert services to help you achieve these crucial tasks in an effective and cost-efficient manner.

We can help you assess and optimise your reserve management capabilities. This includes reserve dimensioning, planning efficient use of reserves, assessing cross-border exchanges and harmonising balancing actions. In addition, we offer tools and services for simulating and analysing power system stability and system frequency quality. And we can support you in evaluating LFC operational rules, (renewable) generator requirements and storage systems.

All our services are delivered by highly skilled experts with many years of practical experience in the energy industry. They combine in-depth technical know-how covering all aspects of T&D networks and (renewable) power generation with an intimate understanding of the business and financial aspects of power systems. You can draw on all this expertise to ensure you obtain the most suitable load-frequency control and electricity reserve management solutions for your particular circumstances.