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Interval load research services

As an industry leader in load research, DNV GL provides a comprehensive package of load research services covering all aspects of your load research program and its applications.

From initial study planning to analysis and final reporting, we provide advisory and training support to your team. We deliver effective solutions, integrating services with those applications that rely on your load research data and analytics.

Turnkey Load Research
We can set up your entire load research program from initial study planning and sample design to implementation and analysis. Our team has done this for dozens of clients since the early 1990s, successfully fulfilling regulatory requirements to have a load research program to inform cost of service.

Advisory Services
Load research isn’t just for cost of service anymore. We can help you realize its full potential and better integrate it into all of your organization’s needs. For example, we’ve recently performed rate impact studies using our clients’ load research samples of actual customer interval load data, providing their regulators informative reports about the impacts of their innovative rate designs. We can work with you to achieve more value from the rich data sources you have and analyses you already perform to leverage them into new insights for your clients.

Delivering credible results to
  • Inform cost of service and rate design
  • Conduct rate impact studies
  • Assess demand response baselines
  • Evaluate DR, TOU, and CPP pricing programs
  • Support load forecasting and energy trading
  • Assess innovative technologies
  • Improve marketing and EE program design
  • Size substations, circuits, and transformers

Individual Services
We can customize individual services to your organization’s needs:

  • Sample design, selection and validation
  • Project implementation
  • Monitoring equipment specification, procurement, set-up, and installation
  • Data collection and processing
  • Data validation, editing, and estimation (VEE)
  • Analysis and reporting
  • Training

End-use Metering and Analytics
The DNV GL team has extensive experience including multi-year end-use metering studies associated with residential, multi-family, and commercial business sectors. Our engineers stay current with end-use metering technology ensuring our clients the most reliable metering equipment for the best price. This saves clients thousands of dollars in project costs and maintains the validity of the study. When installing end-use meters has not been an option for clients, our team has performed information needs assessments, conducted data applicability assessments, and developed modelled loads.

Our Clients
Our clients range from public and investor-owned utilities, independent system operators, governmental agencies, municipals, co-operatives and associations.

Our Team
The pre-eminent experts at DNV GL are the leaders in load research in the industry. Members from our team include:

  • An AEIC Load Research Lifetime Achievement Award winner
  • Two IEPEC Lifetime Achievement Award winners
  • Faculty members of the AEIC Advanced Applications in Load Research Workshop
  • Principal author of Model-Based Statistical Sampling - Applications in Load Research
  • SAS-certified programmers
  • Seasoned consultants with years of practical industry experience

We specialize in the latest applications and developments, combining engineering, statistical and technical capability, and are actively engaged with over a dozen clients at any given time.

Software Solutions
The DNV GL Load Research System (LRS) and Visualize-IT™ form a comprehensive software solution for load research analytics and program evaluation. The LRS is a comprehensive SAS®-based sample design, analysis and reporting package. Visualize-IT is a C++ graphical interface tool to help turn data into insight and information.

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Michele Tihami

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