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High-quality cable type testing ensures your products meet evolving needs and standards, so you can quickly bring them to market

The fast-changing electricity market is moving towards sustainable energy sources and the electrification of appliance and regions. This is putting increasing pressure on components, which must withstand not only increasing loads, but increased fluctuations of those loads. If your newly developed low-voltage cable is going to be successful in the market, you need to prove that it meets the specified standards. And your customers need to be confident they are getting what they are paying for.

Certification based on physical testing by a respected independent third party, such as DNV GL, gives you that proof. It shows your low-voltage cables meet all the quality and safety needs of the market and your customers.

Meet the standards
At our lab in Arnhem, the Netherlands we carry out physical testing of low-voltage cables according to relevant international standards such as IEC 60502-1. Tests are performed by our highly skilled test engineers, who have the experience and know-how to conduct your tests in the most efficient manner. You can call on their in-depth support throughout. And, if your low-voltage cables successful pass all the tests, you will receive a test report with a Type Test Certificate from our world-renowned KEMA Laboratories lab, part of DNV GL.

Respected expertise 
DNV GL has extensive experience of type testing cables and accessories and our labs are equipped to handle today’s demands. We have the systems and know-how to carry out the tests and to deliver test reports according to the specified standards. What’s more, our KEMA Type Test Certificates are recognized around the world as a hallmark of quality. So your customers can be sure your low-voltage cables meet their specifications and requirements.

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Robert Menger

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