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Delivering absolute confidence of LV panel performance

Physical verification based 100% on actual testing gives all stakeholders independent assurance that they can rely on your low-voltage panels.

Independent verification is the key to giving customers confidence in your low-voltage (LV) panels. However, not all verification is equal!

Many verification bodies offer “paper certification”, estimating LV panel stress performance based solely on documentation, specifications and test reports which maybe untraceable. Not a very reassuring assessment of actual behaviour in the field – its low accuracy may be a critical factor, especially when the pursuit of cutting costs brings designs increasingly close to safety margins.

Let’s get physical
“Physical verification” is a much more accurate way of confirming panel performance and safety. Rather than just calculated estimates, physical verification involves actually testing how panels perform in lifelike conditions.

Our independent LV panel physical verification service is based 100% on testing, covering mechanical, dielectric, short circuit and temperature rise effects. This extensive and rigorous verification covers all the normal and fault conditions your panel will experience in real-world operation.

Panels are tested in our own labs against the IEC 61439-1 international standard, ensuring complete transparency. Tests can be carried out at both 50 and 60 Hz for global coverage.

Complete design verification with the KEMA Type Test Certificate
Successful testing results in your LV panel being awarded our Certificate of Complete Design Verification – the renowned KEMA Type Test Certificate. This global benchmark for independent testing reassures your customers that they are choosing a premium-quality product offering proven safety – differentiating your panel from cheaper, lower-quality rivals.

To discover more about our LV panel testing capabilities, download our new brochure low-voltage switchgear and control gear assembly testing.

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