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Panoramic view of the Barcelona port.

Independent technical expertise for efficient ports, terminals and waterways

New ports and terminals, waterways and other marine infrastructures are milestones for macroeconomic development. Planning, designing and operating of marine infrastructure projects are complex and require understanding of the shipping and maritime sector, expertise in civil construction and custom engineered structures on the waterfront and in the water. 

Availability and quality of services towards customers need to be continuously improved: Smooth port operations with reduced harbour idle times require ongoing upgrades of a port’s physical and digital infrastructure, resulting in state-of-the-art operations.  

Foster future growth on strong foundations

DNV GL provides assurance of a successful project outcome with respect to schedule, quality and cost and secure sustainable solutions over a long lifetime. From the concept and feasibility phase to operation of marine infrastructures, our maritime heritage enables to deliver quality assurance and certification services on an end-to-end basis and service all major asset types within marine infrastructure projects. 

We work closely with asset owners and investors as their trusted independent partner for technical assurance and advisory support, ensuring that the project—either upgrades and extensions or new-builds— is delivered to a high quality, on time and according to budget. 

We help our customers to strengthen competitiveness by continuously improving availability and quality of services towards customers. 

Through DNV GL’s independent verification of safety concepts and risk analyses related to automated operation, our customers can maintain and improve operational performance and enable a safe and robust digital transformation to automated or fully autonomous operations.

Why partner with DNV GL

DNV GL is setting the benchmark for global best practice in marine operations helping customers to reduce risk and enable safe, reliable and enhanced performance, solving hazardous operations associated with working on the waterfront and in the water.

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Lars Buus

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