Marine Riser Management

By collecting and analysing information about the risers' design basis and actual usage, a more optimal inspection and maintenance are determined.

Performing riser inspections based on fixed time five-year intervals will in many cases result in unnecessary inspections. In addition, a riser package only applicable to a specific unit (rig) provides little flexibility and a low level of utilization.

With an approved marine riser management methodology, the inspection and maintenance can be based on each riser's actual utilization. By systematically tracking each riser's location and usage, a large riser package can be shared by a group/fleet of units. Read more in our rules "DNVGL-RU-OU-0300" available here

The main benefits you will get with Marine Riser Management:

  • Better utilization by preserving unused marine risers and basing inspections on the riser's actual usage and condition
  • High flexibility by managing a large marine riser package across a group/fleet of units
  • Better control and riser data collection

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Joar Håland

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