Power and renewables

Market research & program evaluation

Market research & program evaluation

DNV GL’s market and program evaluation research guides you through the complexity of launching new energy-related products, services and programmes, and enhancing existing ones.

Today’s energy market is more volatile and complicated than ever. The increased use of renewables, opportunities to “go green”, economic pressures and rapid changes in end-user technology make launching new energy products and services a real challenge. With DNV GL, you can navigate this complexity with confidence. You’ll gain the insight you need to understand how these trends affect your business or programmes, and embrace the support to bring new or improved products, services and programmes to market.

Whether you want to launch a new option or improve the effectiveness of your existing portfolio, we will design and execute market research according to your particular circumstances. Our findings could help you understand:

  • market size and structure
  • customer needs and segmentation
  • impacts and the effectiveness of your programme’s design
  • technology trends
  • pricing landscape
  • regulations that could affect customer demand
  • your competitors’ capabilities and strategies

In addition to guiding your product development, this insight helps you create effective market entry and secure investment strategies.

We offer full-service market and evaluation research for energy-related products, services and programmes covering segmentation, entry strategies, product design and pricing. You can also take advantage of our:

  • end-use data development services from metering field services, to load research services, to advanced and predictive energy data analytics.
  • direct access to decision makers and experts in the energy supply, equipment manufacturing and service industries
  • in-depth knowledge of energy end-use data resources and analysis
  • hands-on expertise in energy generation, transmission, distribution, storage and end-use technologies

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Michele Tihami

Michele Tihami

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