Meter Quality Service

Calibration Meter Quality

DNV GL provides electricity meter quality testing for grid operators and metering companies to demonstrate equipment meets legal requirements.

Under Dutch law, grid operators and metering companies must demonstrate that their electricity and heat meters fulfill all the latest legal requirements.

DNV GL acts as a supervisory coordinator for this meter quality control, working in cooperation with Verispect, the official Dutch metrology organization. In particular, we carry out random spot checks on domestic kWh meters, assessments of ‘problem’ meters, and statistical quality checks on heat meters.

Random testing
Random tests provide a cost-effective and practical way to monitor the quality of the overall installed base of domestic meters. For these tests, we select a small sample of meters at random. We then compare their readings with calibrated equipment on-site, analyze the results and issue a supervisor-judged report.

Problem meters
Problem meter testing aims to resolve disagreements between consumers and utility companies. By providing an independent test, we can demonstrate the accuracy of the energy usage being registered by a particular kWh meter.

With over 35 years of experience of running the meter quality testing scheme, DNV GL has established a reputation for impartiality and trustworthiness. We are also fully familiar with the kinds of problems and fraud commonly associated with meter use.

Expert testing & training
We conduct meter quality testing at our accredited Calibration Laboratory in Arnhem, as well as on-site where meters are in use.

Our experts have deep knowledge of statistical systems and meter quality control. Furthermore, we can provide training for your own energy meter inspectors, if required.

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