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EU-MRV Regulation

The MRV regulation of the European Union (EU) requires ship owners and managers to prepare a monitoring plan for each of their vessels that call ports within the EU. Furthermore, the prepared plans have to be submitted to a verifier. The MRV Monitoring Plan Generator supports in preparing proper monitoring plans in a fast and easy manner.

From the 1 January 2018 on, ship owners and operators will have to monitor the CO2 emissions of their vessels (larger 5.000 GT) for all voyages conducted into, between and out of EU ports. Further, the monitored emissions shall be reported to the European Commission and therefore verified by an independent and accredited verifier.

According to the MRV regulation, ships that call EU ports must have a verified monitoring plan on board. This plan is ship-specific and considers technical data from emission sources, emission factors as well as technical methods to monitor CO2 emissions and their uncertainty. Furthermore, procedures, systems and responsibilities for activity data, data gaps and management in general need to be listed as well.

The MRV Monitoring Plan Generator allows ship owners and managers to prepare monitoring plans for their whole fleet. The heart of the application is the monitoring-plan-template, which is provided by DNV GL Maritime Advisory. Thus, ship owners and managers do not need to design und prepare their own template. To fill in the template, users will enter a list of ships for which a monitoring plan shall be created. This can be done ship-by-ship (via IMO number or ship name) or by uploading a .csv file containing all relevant IMO numbers. For each ship, the main particulars are taken from public available databases. Users just need to supplement them with data on emission sources, fuels and management procedures. The monitoring plan can then be downloaded and submitted for verification.

To offer the most available comfort, data from already prepared monitoring plans can be copied from one ship to another to reduce the manual input significantly. This allows a fast and easy preparation of monitoring plans.

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MRV Monitoring Plan Generator

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