Newbuilding surveys

We offer the full range of classification services and statutory certification for every newbuilding as well as expert support.

As a ship owner, how do you know that your newbuilding is being constructed in accordance with all the rules and regulations relevant to the vessel type?

As a competent and independent third party, we provide support to both shipowners and shipyards during all newbuilding phases. We not only aim to safeguard life, property and the environment – we also help to ensure that the vessel complies with all relevant rules and regulations.

Our experienced and competent surveyors examine those parts of the ship covered by classification rules and statutory regulations. They witness inspections and tests during new construction and sea trials, and they review and appraise manufacturing, construction, control and qualification procedures of the shipyard. This is performed in order to obtain appropriate evidence that the vessel has been built in compliance with the rules and regulations, based on the respective approved drawings.

Our newbuilding surveys cover:

  • Hull structures and structural outfittings
  • Electrical systems and automation
  • Piping systems Engines and generators, propulsion and steering systems
  • Material and welding approvals
  • Stability, load line and tonnage
  • Fire-fighting systems and structural fire protection
  • Environmental protection
  • Cargo handling systems
  • Lifting appliances

Our newbuilding surveys aim to give you full support during the new construction of any type of vessel.

Rely on the expertise of our experienced and well-trained surveyors to support you during the construction of your newbuilding:

  • Gain added confidence in your newbuilding project
  • Maximise the performance of your vessels at an early stage with our holistic approach
  • Avoid potentially costly modifications at a later stage thanks to our expert advice
  • A leading service provider for the maritime industry, and with 150 years of experience, we give you the reliable, expert support you need

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