On-site calibration of kWh-meters

DNV GL offers independent calibration of kWh-meters

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Ronald Gruntjes Ronald Gruntjes
Head of Section High Voltage Laboratory
Calibration on site
In an unbundled market structure where Independent Power Producers (IPP’s), Transmission and Distribution Network Owners and Operators are separate legal entities there is a need for demonstrable accurate metering. Requirements for metering are specified both in Power Purchase Agreements between IPP’s and Single Buyers as well in the Metering and Distribution Code that are imposed upon the sector by the Regulatory Authorities. Power plant operators, especially IPP’s need to know exactly how many (active and re-active) power has been delivered to the off-taker(s) within a specified billing period. Calibrated metering systems and Individual Meters are key to attaining that certainty.

At DNV GL we provide onsite calibration services for energy meters. Our onsite calibration services are accredited to ISO 17025. We perform these calibrations world-wide, but specially in the Middle East region.

We have performed numerous calibrations for both IPP’s and regulators in Europe, Middle East and Far East region and therefore understand the needs of our clients.

The strengths of our services are:

  • Fully accredited calibrations with the most accurate energy standards
  • Ample experience with onsite calibration throughout Europe and Middle East and Far East regions
  • Extensive knowledge on local Metering requirements
  • Experienced and highly competent calibration engineers
  • Flexible and fast service