On-site management services for offshore wind farms

A comprehensive variety of On-site services providing effective management of your offshore wind farm.

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Marion Hill Marion Hill
Global Practice Head, Civil Engineering
On-site management services

Effective on-site management is a growing concern for offshore wind farms. As farms age and early turbines end their warranty period, asset management becomes more important as wind farms have to develop their own maintenance plans. In addition, as farms go further offshore, operation and maintenance becomes more complicated, especially with the emergence of floating wind turbine technology. Any failure or major problem needs specialist technical support. However, fulfilling all the essential project management and engineering functions requires extensive engineering resources.

Construction completion to operations and maintenance
Our On-site wind farm management services are the ideal way to augment your project. Through our personalized service, we can help you do everything – or just specific tasks – depending on your needs. As well as project management and coordination, we provide a link to the many other services in DNV GL. So if, for example, you have a cable problem, we can offer a full repair service from chartering a vessel to the tendering process.

After discussing your needs, our experts identify the best solutions for your problems. We act as your “eyes and ears” on-site, working at a range of locations, whether that’s at the sub-station, out at sea or walking the cable route onshore.

Key services

  • Construction project management
  • Site representative & offshore supervision
  • Maintenance & repairs
    • Planning, tendering
    • Contractor selection, vessel selection
    • Co-ordination of site teams
  • Cable management
    • Condition assessment 
    • Repairs of export & array cables
    • Cable crossings 
    • Burial assessments, rock berms and protection
  • Specification & management of condition surveys
    • Scour
    • Mobile seabeds
    • Subsea structures

We take care of everything, from appointing a contractor and compiling budgets to producing tender documents and writing daily progress reports. You are provided with engineering reports on what to accept or not to accept, or if variations are needed.

Worldwide capabilities
The technical breadth and depth in our service offering is unparalleled. Our highly skilled people have experience in designing wind turbines and their foundations, FEED studies and electrical commissioning. So they understand the whole picture. We have the software capabilities to design floating wind turbines, and the engineers who understand floating structures and can conduct mooring analysis. And as we are completely independent – not tied to any manufacturer or technology – you can be sure the advice you receive is 100% impartial and focussed on what’s best for your wind farm.