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Trusted technical advisers interpret operational data, helping lenders understand both the details and wider context of a project and make decisions based on productivity.

Developers, owners and operators of renewable energy plants have an obligation to lenders to provide operational data. However, lenders don’t often have the technical capability in-house to interpret the information – making it difficult for them to make informed decisions. This makes an independent technical advisor vital throughout the project’s lifetime.

Wider technical context
Trusted around the world, DNV GL is the ideal independent technical adviser – bringing peace of mind for all stakeholders. Our Operational monitoring service helps lenders understand exactly what is happening with a particular renewable energy project. We look at the project’s performance against budget expectations, and provide the wider context to give meaning to specific findings. This helps you understand the underlying cause of any issues and whether they will recur.

As a lender, you regularly receive our short report that reviews, analyses and provides commentary on operations information supplied by the owner. These reports cover:

  • Availability
  • Health and safety  incidents
  • Financial information

These reports tell you whether production levels are in line with expectations. In addition, we can also undertake periodic site visits, generally focused on understanding project conditions and whether it’s being looked after.

Contract reviews
If required, you can also take advantage of our contract review support. This can include a technical review of updated contracts – either as part of an operations monitoring agreement or as an additional service.

Global market knowledge
With our global experience and wide-ranging expertise, we can help you take the broader view in your decision making – whether for new contracts or changes to how you operate. We can answer all your questions focused on turbine models, markets, etc, and help you identify trends and understand them in the wider context. As a trusted advisor to lenders, we offer credibility and perform inspections with suitably trained professionals.

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Katy Briggs

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