Organizational data maturity assessment

Organizational data maturity assessment by DNV GL

Our data management assessment experts help you evaluate the quality of your data assets.

Establish target level of data management

Our team of data management assessment experts help you measure your organization’s current state of data management capabilities. Establish a target level of data management based on the importance of data activities. Identify and prioritize improvements needed to reach the target level.

Why perform an organizational maturity assessment?

This assessment is a vital step to determine your organization's baseline and define steps to capture, maintain, use and share data, maximizing its usefulness and reducing related risks. Maturity assessments help build trust by using a common language while creating a framework for prioritized improvement actions. The maturity level should be determined for any organization collecting, using and sharing data. In this way, you can assess your organization’s ability to respond to data quality incidents in a predictable and repeatable manner.

Organizational maturity assessment framework

Our maturity assessment is a framework that includes processes, capabilities and governance required for ensuring high data quality.

  • The maturity model defines five maturity levels, ranging from the initial level with ad hoc activities to the optimized level, where all data quality issues are analyzed, and corrective actions proactively implemented
  • It distinguishes eight areas that involve resources, processes, technologies and activities required to manage data and improve data quality

Organizational maturity assessment method

An organizational maturity assessment is performed in a workshop setting where we guide customers to identify the baseline and the maturity level needed to be able to respond to data quality and data management issues.

We perform a gap analysis identifying standard and specific improvements required to close the gap between the baseline and the target maturity level. The assessment is part of the framework described in detail in our Data quality assessment framework DNVGL-RP-0497 and can be combined with data quality and data risk assessments

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