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Deviation management and permit tracking - Deviation and Dispensation Management - Synergi Life

Our Synergi Life software module for deviation management and permit tracking

Deviation management

The Synergi Life Deviation and Dispensation Management software module enables deviation management and permit tracking so organizations can prevent potential non-conformities by managing and controlling any planned deviations from requirements, permits, standard procedures or specifications.

The Deviation and Dispensation Management in Synergi Life

  • Software for keeping track of licences, short and long term exemptions and planned/approved deviations
  • Standardized and transparent classification and verification processes
  • Integrated workflow
  • Experience transfer
  • Flexible lists

More than a permit tracking software system

  • Helps you with deviation management, so you can coordinate and manage your planned deviations and permits
  • Allows you to secure involvement of the right personnel for decision-making and control
  • Ensures evaluation and risk assessments of potential impacts 
  • Triggers corrective or preventive actions as well as risk-reducing measures
  • Active deviations available for all relevant personnel
  • Delays in plans or due dates are detected, with automatic alerts sent by the software system

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