Permit preparation for renewable energy projects

Comprehensive support to streamline construction and operational permit applications for wind and solar projects, and meet all jurisdictional requirements.

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Michaël Roberge Michaël Roberge
Head of Section – Environmental and Permitting Services
Permit preparation

Before constructing or operating a wind or solar facility, jurisdictions demand developers and owners/operators have construction and operational permits. Preparing environmental impact assessments for permit applications takes strong project management and technical support. Having an independent expert like DNV GL prepare them can be invaluable; we provide you with technically sounds methodologies, well-prepared permit applications, and strategic advice.

Comprehensive permit preparation service
Our permit preparation services include:

  • Conducting all siting and environmental studies
  • Preparing local or municipal permit applications
  • Preparing state siting board or provincial permit applications
  • Preparing federal permits
  • Stakeholder engagement and expert hearing support
  • Creating management, mitigation, and monitoring plans

With a network of local experts around the world, our global perspective is informed by local understanding and local resources. Through a project-lifecycle approach to Permit preparation, we streamline the process for you while considering future design and construction parameters to limit required permit amendments. By combining environmental and permitting services with energy expertise, we can help developers optimize their project facilities, while taking into account realistic site constraints.

Global project management
Working closely with customers all over the world, we have successful applied for federal, state and local permits covering over 5,000 MW of wind and solar power. This empowers our professional team have a broader view – our ‘permitters’ sit side by side with engineers who perform the construction monitoring. Our experience is unsurpassed – we have worked with all major industry stakeholders and regularly provide strategic and policy advice to government agencies, NGOs and industry.