Plan approval


From the first scratch of your newbuilding project onwards, we provide plan approval in order to grant a rule compliant and safe ship which is the basis for different certificates.

A class certificate is mandatory in the shipping business, and plan approval of your newbuilding design is part of the basis for issuing such a certificate. Drawings need to be approved and a newbuilding survey conducted.

As part of our approval process, we conduct a thorough evaluation of all the main drawings, such as scantlings, systems and installations to ensure the design fully complies with international mandatory requirements and flag state requirements as well as the DNV GL classification rules.

For convenient future reference, we retain copies of the main final approved drawings throughout the vessel’s lifetime.

Added convenience: Web-based eApproval

eApproval through DNV GL’s My DNV GL portal provides a holistic approach to electronic drawing approval. It combines the communication possibilities of the web, with easy re-use of electronic drawings and the quality control of a modern document management system.

With eApproval in My DNV GL, you can upload documentation for approval, have continuous access to the status of your submitted documents and download approved documents – all at the same time and with the same tool anywhere in the world.

The benefits from plan approval with My DNV GL:

  • A faster, more efficient and secure exchange of documents and drawings
  • Easy access and overview of documentation status
  • Less paper consumption and correspondence time, and the associated costs are significantly reduced

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