PMS (Planned Maintenance System)


As an alternative to the traditional 5 yearly inspection approach, maintenance is performed in accordance with recommendations made by the Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM).

Performing inspection and maintenance at 5 yearly intervals will in many cases not be an optimal solution. This type of maintenance is usually not adjusted according to operational conditions and experience and will in some cases result in too much or insufficient maintenance.

Drill PMS and Machinery PMS are survey arrangements for drilling equipment and machinery equipment respectively as an alternative to more traditional survey arrangements with 5 yearly inspections. The survey arrangements are based on a preventive maintenance approach with a planned maintenance system containing predetermined maintenance tasks, acceptance criteria and intervals in accordance with Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM).

The main benefits you will get with Drill PMS:

  • Promotes cooperation and experience exchange between the owner and OEM
  • Develop and keep relevant maintenance competence on board
  • Shared maintenance function (Owner and OEM)
  • Cost efficient model
  • No requirement for 5 year inspection
  • A tool for documenting sufficient maintenance effort and competence

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