Port state control (PSC) support

Port State Control

We provide support, information and training in PSC matters to prepare you for inspections – and are on your side at all times.

Are you prepared for the next port state control inspection? Or what do you do if your vessel is detained and cannot continue on schedule? You need a reliable partner who supports you when you need it, anywhere in the world.

Our long-standing, high port state control (PSC) performance is testimony to the quality of our services and good cooperation with our customers.

Whether you need support upon detention or want to prevent off-hire due to detention, call on us and we’ll be at your side – regardless of where you are in the world.

Rely on us when detained:

  • We rapidly organise a surveyor to assist you on board
  • We are more familiar with local PSC authorities and can speed up the process

As the world’s largest classification society, we are able to conduct extensive research and constant analysis to evaluate the lessons learned from detentions. This enables us to provide a range of services that support you in keeping your vessel in compliance – so you are best prepared for PSC inspections worldwide at all times.

Our range of comprehensive PSC services includes:

  • PSC Planner web application: Available for all customers via VERACITY by DNV GL, overview of ones fleet’s PSC performance, helps to prepare for upcoming PSC inspections with ship specific short checklists
  • PSC Toolkit - folder, quick guide and software including customizable check lists to improve your PSC performance
  • Pro-active PSC risk profiling for your fleet - send inquiry
  • One-day interactive PSC workshop or tailor-made trainings via DNV GL Academy
  • Ad-hoc PSC seminars and training courses on request
  • PSC news, additional guidance on technical topics from a PSC inspection view 
  • Support for preparation on Concentrated Inspection Campaigns (CIC):
    • Paris MOU and Tokyo MOU will carry out a joint CIC from August - September 2019 on "Emergency Systems and Procedures"
    • This CIC will also be joined by Black Sea MoU, Med MoU, Indian MoU, Riyadh MoU and Vina del Mar MoU
    • DNV GL will offer detailed information about the topic during a smart-up session annual in August – next webinar will be in August 2020 for the CIC in 2020
    • Recordings of previous CIC smart-up can be found below under Videos and Downloads
    • Further guidance on actual and previous CICs can be found under PSC news

With PSC support from DNV GL, you’re always in good hands:

  • Be prepared for smooth PSC inspections to minimise the risk of deficiencies, saving you time and money
  • Profit from surveyors who can discuss directly with PSC officers on board and most likely in the local language
  • Know exactly which actions have to be taken to achieve the quickest possible rectification of deficiencies and/or the release of your ship

Contact us:

Claudia Ohlmeier

Claudia Ohlmeier

Group Leader Port State Control

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Our services

PSC quick guide

Achieving compliance (PDF, 0.5 MB)

PSC Toolkit

Explore folders, check lists and software to improve your PSC performance

One-day interactive PSC workshop through the DNV GL Academy

Learn more on our course page

Ad-hoc PSC seminars and training courses on request

Learn more on our Academy page

PSC updates, alerts and additional guidance on CIC

Read our latest PSC news


Single sign on to selected applications - interact with DNV GL - available anywhere, anytime

Videos and downloads

Smart-up – Emergency Systems: Preparing for the Concentrated Inspection Campaign 2019

Watch the video recording

Improving PSC performance and fleet safety with big data

View recording and download webinar presentation

Smart-up – Getting prepared for the 2018 CIC on MARPOL IV

On-demand video recording

PSC Planner web application

Watch a 3 min video of how it works

Smart-up – Getting prepared for the 2017 CIC on Safety of Navigation (incl. ECDIS)

On-demand video recording

Smart-up – Getting prepared for the 2016 CIC on MLC 2006 and Cargo Securing

On-demand video recording

Bodies and rankings


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Paris MoU

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Mediterranean MoU

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Tokyo MoU

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Indian Ocean MoU

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Black SeaMoU

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Caribbean MoU

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Riyadh MoU

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Abuja MoU

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US Coast Guard

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Latin American Agreement on PSC

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