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Flex Power Grid Lab

DNV GL offers testing for static and dynamic VAR compensators under realistic power grid conditions.

Our Flex Power Grid Lab offers excellent facilities for testing static and dynamic VAR compensators for grid connection. It provides all the necessary electrical boundary conditions to test your equipment under simulated, yet realistic grid conditions.

  • Testing capacity at low and medium voltage up to 1 MVAR
  • High bandwidth to create events such as harmonics up to 2.4 kHz

These tests are particularly important for today’s grid where power levels associated with distributed generation are rising and reactive power is increasingly used as part of voltage control. There are also many more power quality issues due to the growing number of power electronic interactions – all of which requires high performance from grid conditioning equipment.

Tests and deliverables
We investigate the interaction between the grid and the connected VAR compensation units, looking at reactive power control, power quality, system stability and behaviour under fault conditions.

A KEMA Report of Performance is available on successful completion of test. Moreover, the test measurements can be used as input data for modelling or model validation purposes.

Contact us:

Bas Verhoeven

Bas Verhoeven

Director High Voltage Laboratory, Global Quality & Innovation, KEMA Laboratories

Phone: + 31 26 356 3581

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