Power quality measurements

Performing power quality and electrical measurements in compliance with different national and international guidelines.

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Tim Heesch Tim Heesch
Senior Engineer, Power Quality
Power quality measurements

Integrating decentralized power generation units (PGU) like wind turbines or PV-systems into an electrical network is a huge challenge. This requires a comprehensive knowledge of the behaviour and characteristics of the power plants in the grid. It is crucial to understand the impact of injected power to the grid as it relates to disturbances and behaviour of the normal working operations. It is important to understand all this to avoid damages and decreased profitability caused by misconfigured units.

We can determine the following characteristics:

  • Harmonics
    high harmonics may lead to damages, reductions in the power system infrastructure lifetime or disconnection of a power plant
  • Voltage fluctuations
    can be disturbing to humans and can also cause malfunctions in electrical equipment interconnected with the grid
  • Post-commissioning services
    ensures the wind farm is completed as agreed and operates as promised
  • Wind turbine generator testing
    failures within the generator can have a major impact on the profitability of a PGU
  • Reactive power verification
    power factor misalignment may lead to increased losses and reduced efficiency of the PGU or entire power plant

We can perform power quality and electrical measurements to ISO 17025 and in compliance with different national and international guidelines, such as the IEC 61400-21 or IEEE 519. Our experience with measurement and test equipment also allows us to perform Under Voltage Ride Through (UVRT) tests and reports to support our customers during development and certification processes. As well as the insight, technology and knowledge in supporting customers with measurement and consultancy services for all kinds of PGUs and is providing the services all over the world.