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Power transformer testing

power transformer testing

DNV GL offers world-class facilities for testing power transformers enabling manufacturers to meet ever-more stringent quality demands.

Independent testing provides evidence of quality, safety and reliability. And it can be essential for opening opportunities in export markets.

DNV GL provides testing for power and distribution transformers up to the highest power and voltage ratings in use today. Transformers are tested according to various standards such as IEC 60076 (oil-filled), IEC 60076-11 (cast resin) or ANSI C57.12. DNV GL can perform complete type tests, which involve conducting a full set of relevant tests at our High-Power and High-Voltage Laboratories.

Power transformers

  • three-phase and single-phase
  • special application transformers e.g. railways at 25 or 16 2/3 Hz
  • rated power above 2,500 kVA

Distribution transformers
Typically, manufacturers provide a range of five distribution transformers, which can be efficiently certified in a single performance test.

  • Oil-filled or cast resin
  • Rated power up to 2,500 kVA

Tests and test locations
Transformer testing is available at our High-Power and High-Voltage Laboratories in Arnhem, the Netherlands; in Chalfont, PA, USA; and in Prague, Czech Republic. These labs offer a range of tests conducted by experienced specialists:

  • Short-time current tests
  • routine tests
  • dielectric tests
  • temperature rise tests

You can have your equipment tested in order to obtain a full KEMA Type Test Certificate or corresponding individual performance certificates.

Transformers and ultra-high voltage components
Each of our labs is equipped to deliver sufficient power for the most rigorous short-time current tests required by end-customers. This includes the capacity for extended short-time tests of up to 3 to 5 seconds for distribution transformers.

For all your requirements, our experienced teams ensure testing is as quick and convenient as possible. However, our Arnhem site is particularly suited to extra large transformers. These can be shipped up the river Rhine and we can test them directly on the barge. This saves you costs, as well as providing a well-equipped environment in which to prepare ahead of testing.

In addition, by 2015, our Arnhem facility will be the first in the world to offer test capabilities for components operating at 800 kV and above.

Distribution Transformers

The final part of the distribution system at medium voltage consists of the distribution transformers.
Due to the low-impedance voltage, this type of transformer will not substantially limit the short-circuit current in the case of a fault on its secondary side. It is therefore common practice that distribution transformers have to be type tested to their ultimate short-circuit conditions. Distribution transformers may be oil-filled (IEC 60076) or cast resin type (IEC 60076-11). DNV GL can perform complete type tests, which includes all relevant tests in the High-Power Lab and the High-Voltage Lab. Regularly, a manufacturer offers a complete range of five distribution transformers, which can be very efficiently certified in one test run.

The KEMA High-Power Laboratory is well equipped especially for testing the whole range of transformers (small to very large).

Transformers can be transported to DNV GL by road, rail or ship. The laboratory also has a jetty on the Rhine River that is not only suitable for transportation purposes, but is also frequently used to moor barges carrying very large power transformers. In order to avoid expensive on-shore transportation, these transformers can remain on the vessel during the short-circuits tests.

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