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Prequalification of high-voltage power cable systems

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DNV GL - Energy provides prequalification testing of power cable systems according to IEC 60840 and IEC 62067.

Utilities look for high quality products that will minimize the risk of failures in their cable networks. Prequalification testing of high-voltage power cable systems demonstrates the reliability of your cables for long-term use under normal conditions.

This rigorous testing focuses on ‘withstand’. It involves simulating the application of a high test voltage for the period of a year by means of at least 180 heating cycles.

DNV GL - Energy has three special outdoor facilities at Arnhem, the Netherlands, to conduct these withstand tests. We can perform tests on cables buried in the ground (piped or non-piped) or in a duct bank or cable tunnel. This allows us to simulate all types of installation of both cables and accessories.

Our tests are conducted according to international standards such as IEC 60840 or IEC 62067. They can lead to a KEMA Prequalification Certificate, which includes a test report, and is widely recognized throughout the industry.

Our experienced test engineers can support you with preparation for the tests. Typically, this preparation takes about eight weeks.

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Bas Verhoeven

Bas Verhoeven

Director High Voltage Laboratory, Global Quality & Innovation, KEMA Laboratories

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