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Process assessment services for the energy industry

Process assessment for the energy industry

Evaluating and implementing mechanisms for balancing the electricity supply

Change is crucial for market growth. Changes may be internal—such as organisational—or external—such as new regulations, technologies or service providers. But in all cases proper planning is essential to ensure you make the right decisions to make change work for you.

The first step towards effective planning and decision making is ensuring you have a solid a solid understanding of your current situation. That’s what our Process Assessment service provides.

Maybe you want to assess gaps in your business operations. Or perhaps you need to establish a roadmap for implementing international standards such as ISO 55000 on Asset Management? In either case, we help you see how well your processes are organised and adhered to, so that you can better control the potential risks. We also offer independent assessment of potential suppliers’ processes, giving you insight into the quality of goods and services to be delivered.

Qualitative and quantitative service components
Spanning the entire energy industry, our extensive range of assessment and advisory services helps you keep pace with the changing landscape of global government and business. This includes both qualitative and quantitative compliancy scores, together with detailed custom-made advice on next possible actions.

Assessments are performed on-site by a team of our experts, hand-picked to ensure their knowledge and experience best matches your processes, techniques or components. Based on standard or customised protocols, assessments can comprise many things, from interviewing employees to visual inspection and examining documentation.

Key deliverables include:

  • Customised protocols
  • Current state reports
  • Improvement plans / roadmap documents

We are always happy to present our report to you in person and offer our assistance with follow-up activities.

Worldwide experts
With our in-depth technical and business operations knowledge, all your processes come naturally to us—ensuring your assessment proceeds in a smooth and efficient manner. You can draw on the vast experience we’ve gathered working with many and varied companies in the power and gas sectors, and our thousands of experts around the world. Together, we help you set out a strategy for reaching and sustaining your required process goals. And thanks to our straightforward and structured approach—you have all the control but none of the hassle.

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John Negus

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