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Complete range of product and materials testing and research on quality, failures, compliance with standards and more.

How well do you know your products? Do you want to know more? About their performance, whether they meet the required specifications or why they fail in practice? And do you want to prove their quality to your customers?

To be successful, your products have to perform and offer high quality. Sustainability and safety are key words in today’s market. To achieve and demonstrate them, you have to know all about the materials you use, their properties and their quality.

With testing by a respected independent third party, such as DNV GL and its laboratories, you can uncover and solve any quality. As a result, your customers can be sure that you deliver products they can rely on.

Why is your product failing in the field?
Maybe you have had a specific problem such as a product failure. Or perhaps you just need to confirm the quality of your product to an interested customer. Either way, we offer extensive testing and research capabilities to provide reliable, impartial evidence that all stakeholders can trust.

Depending on your situation, we can:

  • Carry out failure investigations and analyses on existing or new products
  • Verify the quality of your products with independent research and testing
  • Check the compliance of your product to specifications and/or standards
  • Help you develop a quality control system

We work very closely with you to determine exactly what your needs are, providing you with a report covering everything that was agreed between you and us. The tests are carried out in our Laboratories in Arnhem, the Netherlands, where we have an experienced team of experts in various fields. 

Tailored know-how
DNV GL has the systems, knowledge and experience to investigate the quality of your product and its materials. We are able to understand your product and product design. We can test it, determine its properties, check its compliance, and prove its performance. 

As an independent expert, we can offer you impartial failure analysis for products or materials. Whatever your concern or issues with product or material, bring it to us: you can be confident that we have the know-how to solve your challenge.

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Robert Menger

Robert Menger

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