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Protection relays and substation automation testing

Protection relays and substation automation testing

DNV GL offers testing and certification of protection relays and substation automation equipment according to IEC 60255, IEEE C37.90 and / or IEC 61850

Protection relays and substation automation equipment control and protect primary assets during normal operation and fault conditions, making them vital to network reliability. DNV GL offers independent testing services according to international standards for these key components. The resulting KEMA Type Test certificate provides manufacturers with a passport to global markets, and end-users with assurance their components meet stringent quality, safety and reliability requirements.

A protection relay may be called into action only rarely if at all. But if it doesn’t operate correctly when required, there could be disastrous consequences for the energy supply and public safely. On the other hand, a protection relay that switches when not required could have huge economic impact. Over time, relays have evolved from electromechanical to digital. This has increased their functionality but also their sensitivity to the environment, making effective testing both more challenging and more important.

Tests available
As an impartial test institute with decades of experience, DNV GL offers a range of standards-based tests to ensure the quality, safety and reliability of protection relays and substation automation equipment. Available tests include:

  • functionality
  • electromagnetic compatibility (EMC)
  • climatic environmental conditions
  • mechanical environmental conditions
  • electrical safety including dielectric performance
  • communication performance
  • energising quantities

All tests can be carried out in accordance with international standards IEC 60255, IEC 61850, IEEE 1613 and / or IEEE C37.90

More than testing
Testing is carried out at our Protection and Substation Automation (PSA) lab in Arnhem, the Netherlands. In addition to testing and certification, we offer specialized technical and economic consultancy, inspection diagnostic, dynamic grid management and failure analysis services. Our experienced experts are on hand to answer all your questions about power relays and substation automation equipment and help streamline your time to market.

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Marc Achterkamp

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