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Protocol simulators

Protocol simulators

Construct, send and receive IEC protocol communications frames

Our IEC 61850 and 60870-5 simulators help clients construct, send and receive correct and corrupted IEC protocol communication frames. The DNV GL simulators are able to simulate master or slave and server or client systems. The DNV GL simulators also contain a flexible scenario editor to construct test scenarios.

Once test scenarios have been created, clients are able to test protocol implementation for compliance with the standard. With every license, DNV GL provides a number of pre-defined scenarios for the simulation of practical communication functions. Our simulators can also be used for database (configuration) testing, performance testing or preparation for conformance testing.

DNV GL DLMS Test Tools
For DLMS/COSEM Testing, DNV GL offers a DLMS Test Client and a DLMS Test Facility. The DNV GL DLMS Test Client is a tool by which a DLMS/COSEM implementation can be verified and analyzed in a quick and simple way. The user interface is straight forward and provides you with detailed logging on byte level, as well with the decoding of the frames into DLMS messages.The DLMS Test Facility enables you to automated testing of complete test scenarios and detailed reports on communication and test results. The test results are stored in a SQL database, as well as with the DUT communication parameters.

Both products are available in three versions:

  • Testing with the Dutch DLMS Companion Specification as reference standard;
  • Testing with the Spanish DLMS Companion Specification as reference standard;
  • A Generic version, in which custom list of OBIS Codes and their attributes can be loaded into the Test Facility.

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Elena Henriquez

Elena Henriquez

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DLMS test suite for smart meters

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IEC 60870-5 test suite

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IEC 61850 test tool family

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IEC 61850 UniGrid test tool

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IEC 60870-5 RTU simulator

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Protocol competence and test centre

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Protocol analyzers

Analyze, monitor, capture and store IEC protocol communications frames

Conformance test register of IEC 61850 equipment

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Protocol simulators

Construct, send and receive IEC protocol communications frames

Protocol test suites

The DNV GL IEC protocol test suites are a combination of our powerful simulators and smart analyzers.

Protocol test facilities

Testing the exchange of information for EDI interfaces

Protocol competence and test centre

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IEC 62439 PRP & HSR testing

Functional and performance testing for ethernet switches and IEDs

Precision Time Protocol (PTP) testing

Functional testing for ethernet switches

Protocol Test Tools

All testing activities are aimed at detecting deviations from specifications

Substation automation profile definition and verification

Complete and independent audit of automation and communications requirements

Data communication training courses

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