Protocol test suites

Testing the exchange of information for EDI interfaces

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Protocol test suites

DNV GL DLMS smart meter test suite
Profound testing of the DLMS/COSEM application layer is not only necessary to support interoperability with other products, it is also an important instrument during product development: issues can usually be resolved quicker and cheaper when discovered in an early stage. Offering your profoundly tested device to a test laboratory, considerably reduces testing time and costs for retests.

For Distribution Network Operators, it is crucial to verify the interoperability between the Smart Meters and other equipment in an Automatic Meter Infrastructure.

DNV GL IEC 61850 test tool family
The UniCA 61850 conformance test suite enables you to perform conformance tests of a IEC 61850 server, fully compliant with the IEC 61850-10 “Conformance testing”. The test suite enables you to create, send/receive, analyze and store correct and incorrect (!) IEC 61850-8-1 communication messages. The UniCA test suite is the tool for communication interface development and conformance testing.

DNV GL IEC 60870-5 test suite
To help you with all your IEC 60870-5 testing, DNV GL designed the IEC 60870-5 Test Suite, which is available for the 101, 103 and 104 companion standards and includes IEC 60870-5 Simulator and IEC 60870-5 Analyzer. The IEC 60870-5 Test Suite supports the test engineer during communication link check, decode received frames and report errors, supports all IEC 60870-5 standard procedures and provides integrated official IEC 60870-5- 601 and 604 conformance test plan.