PV module & inverter testing

Our solar PV module and inverter testing services give you independent proof of quality, helping you to work with large-scale investors and buyers to evaluate your products.

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Steve Jones Stephen Jones
Head of Department, Renewables Advisory, North America
PV module and inverter testing

For solar module and inverter manufacturers, gaining access to potential buyers can be a major challenge. Third-party qualification and / or bankability studies can make it easier. Investors often look at this information before making any decisions about a project. It also helps them select potential vendors and manage equipment quality.

Photovoltaic (PV) equipment is expected to last for many decades. Typically, investors look at historical performance when assessing such long-term assets. But this long-term field data doesn’t exist in the solar industry; instead, we have to rely on lab data. Our standardized PV module and inverter testing process allows investors to make like-to-like comparisons, making it easier for them to evaluate your equipment.

Increase your client relationships
In this way, we help you find a path into large, institutionally-funded projects. Our network of downstream partners includes all the large residential and utility-scale buyers, and all major banks. By making use of our services and performing well in testing, you can enhance your relationships with these clients.

You can use our third-party performance and reliability reports to assure investors of product quality and due diligence. Our in-depth Q&A sessions help you extract the value that you’re looking for from these reports. We can also construct tailored reports for your needs.

Globally unique
This is the only programme of its type that exists in the industry globally. Our testing is ISO 17025 certified, and we can call on 20 solar testing experts in lab. Some 25 manufacturers are involved in our product qualification programme and have been through long-term reliability testing with us.