RAM analysis tool - reliability, availability, maintainability - Maros Lite

Maros Lite - RAM analysis tool for basic reliability, availability, maintainability studies

RAM analysis tool for cost-effective reliability modelling - entry-level solution for basic reliability, availability, maintainability studies

RAM analysis tool

Maros Lite is a cost-effective and entry-level RAM analysis tool for basic reliability engineering studies and reliability modelling to represent real life scenarios, allowing you to analyse and improve production efficiency. The software is based on the Maros and Taro simulator, used over 30 years for RAM (reliability, availability, maintainability) studies from design concept screening to proving detailed design and optimizing mature assets.

Reliability, availability, maintainability software - Maros Lite:

  • Cost-effective RAM analysis tool for performing an essential reliability, availability, maintainability analysis and reliability modelling
  • Unit level RAM analysis for process plant ranging from offshore installations to fluid catalytic cracker in refinery plants
  • Fast, informed and effective decisions with the RAM analysis tool, evaluating the influence of equipment reliability and maintenance strategy on performance
  • Identification of critical events in the system and quantification of system constraints help you to optimize the design
  • The RAM analysis tool allows you to include financial factors to perform cost/benefit analysis in design optimization
  • Maros Lite is based on Maros and Taro simulator, which has been developed for more than 30 years to solve reliability, availability, maintainability challenges faced by our users at major companies worldwide
  • Maros Lite studies can be imported into Maros and/or Taro when increased complexity of modelling is needed

A RAM analysis tool for optimizing process plant performance

Predicting and understanding your plant performance is a constant challenge in the process industries. With RAM analysis and reliability modelling you will gain support in the decision-making process at every stage – including early stages when the ability to identify optimal design options is critical.

With the Maros Lite RAM analysis tool, the performance of a system is predicted using simulation techniques. An “event-driven” algorithm is used to create lifecycle scenarios of the system under investigation, accounting for its reliability and maintainability. By combining your understanding of the system to be modelled and DNV GL’s advanced RAM analysis tools you will be able to quantify the benefits likely to result from adopting particular design and maintenance strategies.

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