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Synergi Plant RCM software for FMEA risk analysis

The Reliability Centered Maintenance (RCM) software module in Synergi Plant uses FMECA and FMEA risk analysis to improve asset reliability and maintenance planning

RCM software built on FMECA and FMEA

Reliability centered maintenance (RCM) is a rigorous and systematic process to optimize the maintenance strategy of assets. RCM software is built on the well-established methodologies of Failure Modes and Effect Analysis (FMEA) and Failure Modes and Effects and Criticality Analysis (FMECA), which are used to thoroughly analyse the impact of failures in a system. RCM software can be used to determine the appropriate maintenance tasks to address each of the identified failure modes and their consequences. One of the key benefits of RCM software is the ability to account for the operational context, which is one of the main elements that govern the reliability of a system.

Optimize analysis with RCM software

Traditionally, reliability centered maintenance has been applied to rotating machinery, but it is not limited to this type of equipment. RCM software can often be a time-consuming method as it takes a bottom-up approach. To optimize the analysis, Synergi Plant's RCM module start by allowing analysts to run a screening process to determine the risk of the maintenance packages. Typically, maintenance packages that are low risk are not moved to the next step, which is to perform an FMECA or FMEA risk analysis. In addition to the screening process, a planning tool is available to organize the evaluation of maintenance packages.

Considering the extensive volume of information gathered through a typical reliability centered maintenance process it is important to make the process auditable with comments to yield better understanding of why a certain decision has been made.

Working with the Integration module in Synergi Plant allows you to import an existing preventive maintenance plan. This plan can be optimized with the recommended preventive task from the RCM study and the built-in library.

Finally, the results from the RCM software are displayed using dashboard, with a complete view of status of each assessment.

RCM software in Synergi Plant - what you get:

  • Flexibility to define RCM study asset hierarchy, i.e. ISO 14224 or your own
  • Assess the risks at different levels with a two-step approach: screening process followed by detailed analysis using methodologies of FMECA and FMEA software tools
  • Configure your risk matrix to align with existing company risk matrix
  • Failure Mode and Effect Analysis failure library for the oil and gas industry
  • Work with SAE JA1011 & 1012 standards to answer the '7 questions' of the RCM process, built into the software
  • Use interactive logical decision tree, task planning roadmap, sanity check and approval for preventive maintenance plan
  • RCM software module dynamic dashboard (Dashboard module)
  • Enable optimization of preventive maintenance (PM) recommendation that allows building the knowledge-based rules for a PM program or concept at site level with defined PM tasks for failure causes
  • Interface with the CMMS such as SAP to track the status of maintenance tasks
  • Support the ongoing plant maintenance program through work order monitoring and updating failure data sets through customized integration with CMMS systems such as Maximo or SAP

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