Recommissioning of laid-up vessel

Jack-up in shipyard

We support vessel owners and shipyards in a systematic, cost-effective reactivation of laid-up vessels returning to operation.

The quality of preservation and maintenance during the lay-up period is essential for effective recommissioning of a vessel. Managing uncertainty in planning, preparation and budgeting is a key challenge for stakeholders. The "DNVGL-RP-0290" has introduced a dedicated best practice to respond to the challenges during recommissioning, with particular focus on equipment not covered by class scope. This includes:

  • Recommissioning plan review
  • Lay-up preservation declaration
  • Recommissioning declaration for non-class equipment and systems
  • Project risk management

Expert guidance and services with "DNVGL-RP-0290 Lay-up and recommissioning of ships and mobile offshore units”

Providing the recommended engineering practice and guidance for lay-up vessels including:
  • Guidance for lay-up
  • Guidance for preservation 
  • Guidance for clean lay-up 
  • Guidance for re-commissioning 
The following lay-up services are covered as well:
  • Lay-up declaration
  • Lay-up preservation declaration
  • Clean lay-up declaration
  • Re-commissioning declaration
  • Statement of Compliance (SoC) for lay-up service providers

Vessel owners can benefit from our in-depth competence in vessel preservation and recommissioning

  • Reduced re-commissioning time and cost
  • Improved quality and reliability of mission-critical system and components
  • Compliance with insurance and charters requirement on recommissioning

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