Recycling and HazMat management

Recycling & Hazmat Management

We provide reputable IHM certification as well as reliable HazMat inventory services and training for your eco-friendly fleet.

Full application of EU SRR is on the doorstep

The European Union Ship Recycling Regulation (EU SRR) places responsibility on ship owners, shipbuilders, suppliers, recycling facilities and national authorities to ensure the safe and environmentally viable management of HazMats as well as the sustainable recycling of ships. A fundamental requirement of these regulations is the documentation of hazardous materials on-board ships and soon EU SRR will be fully applicable for new ships, ships in operation and ships destined for recycling.

For ships flying a flag of an EU member state, starting from 31 December 2018 onwards, new ships of 500 GT and above shall carry a valid Inventory of Hazardous Materials (IHM) which is certified; ships going for recycling shall have the IHM certified and shall be sent to one of the recycling facilities in the EU List of approved ship recycling facilities.

From 31 December 2020, ships flying a flag of an EU member state and third party ships visiting EU ports and anchorages shall have a valid IHM which is certified. This means that approximately 20,000 ships must have an IHM until the given date.

DNV GL approach

With more than 300 highly qualified surveyors and ship recycling experts, we offer you the densest global network in this field – both for new ships and ships in operation.

Our unique IHM Green Server (IGS) application supports all aspects of the IHM preparation, certification and maintenance. It enables to manage huge data volumes smoothly, which ensures excellent data quality for the efficient maintenance of the IHM during a ship’s operational life.

Furthermore, we provide IHM and HazMat expert courses as well as company approvals which help you improve your business performance and achieve your goals. As we constantly keep ourselves up-to-date with the latest developments in EU/IMO level with respect to the IHM market, we are your perfect partner to support you in HazMat management worldwide.  

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