Renewables asset management

Smarter renewables operation management helps maximize energy production, minimize downtime and reduce operating and maintenance costs.

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Katy Briggs Katy Briggs
Service Area Leader, Renewables Advisory
Asset management

Effective and efficient asset management is essential for maintaining grid reliability and being a successful network operator. During the long operational phase, renewable energy assets need professional management to ensure optimal operation while retaining a high asset value. However, carrying the necessary expertise in-house is not always viable.

DNV GL offers you a cost-effective alternative: outsourced professional renewables Asset management. Over the past ten years, we have monitored and analysed more than 40 GW of operational renewable projects. We deliver smarter operations management of wind and solar renewables to:

  • Maximize energy production
  • Minimize downtime
  • Reduce lifecycle operations and maintenance costs

Comprehensive management
Our comprehensive service includes managing your asset’s operation, maintenance and performance, contracts, health and safety best practices and all on-site contractors. 

We ensure that your asset runs efficiently and safely, using our highly sophisticated operations control room and supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA) technology. You are kept completely up to date, with live access to on-site information through a web link. This is reinforced by weekly and monthly reporting and recommendations.

Our services are delivered by highly skilled teams with many years of practical experience in the energy industry. They combine in-depth technical know-how covering all aspects of renewable power management with an intimate understanding of the business and financial aspects of power systems.