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Renewables Geoplatform

Renewables Geoplatform

DNV GL enables smart renewable project development decisions with our online services and data

The Renewables GeoPlatform offers a range of services and data layers for wind and solar project developers. It is designed to enable smart project development decisions faster. You can preview the platform directly, or request full access in the Veracity Marketplace.

The Renewables GeoPlatform application is a one-stop platform for geospatial data and services that enable better development decisions by allowing customers to visualize our map layers, and to order a wide range site-specific data and analyses on demand. Specifically, these services are available:

  1. Blockage Tool - Calculate the blockage effect of upstream wind farms on your project using DNV GL's empirical modelling.
  2. Renewable Energy Atlases - An extensive overview of the potential wind and solar development markets, including operational farms, projects with power purchase agreements, and long-term planned energy infrastructure.
  3. Generation Interconnection Study - Understand the economics of project interconnection by leveraging our knowledge of the methods and timelines of the relevant independent system operators (ISOs) and utilities.
  4. Constraints Analysis - Delineate areas available for development within a project site and the areas that would likely be restricted by legal, physical, or environmental constraints.
  5. Site Identification Study - Determine the optimal location for your renewable energy project from a large area or long list of potential sites using a multi-criteria analysis.
  6. Resource Compass - Access and download time-series data from DNV GL's industry-leading wind and solar resource models.
  7. Wind Resource Map - Wind speed maps generated by DNV GL's state-of-the-art wind mapping system, which integrates 10 years of modelled data.
  8. Solar Resource Map - Quantify solar irradiance to inform siting and financial decisions. Products are available at multiple spatial and temporal resolutions.
  9. Microwave Link - Prevent your wind project from interfering with communications between existing microwave transmitters.
  10. Desktop Geotechnical Study - Understand the geologic conditions of your site and the foundation options suitable for your planned infrastructure.

Service Examples

Renewable energy atlases 250x250pxlSite identification study 250x250pxlSolar recource map 250x250pxl

Map Layers
DNV GL Wind Turbine Locations – Our in-house database of operational wind turbines in the United States and Mexico, derived from publicly available data sources.

Through the constantly updated map-based interface, users can stay up to date on the dynamic renewable energy industry by purchasing site specific geospatial data directly from the application – bypassing contract negotiations and lengthy project cost estimates.

Google maps wind farm satelite view 770x236pxl

Screenshot of the application zoomed to the area southwest of Abilene, Texas, where substantial wind development has occurred.

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