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Our mission is to provide our clients with the market insights, the business network, and opportunities to explore new strategies necessary to position your company for success through the energy industry transformation.   

Our original market research provides the most comprehensive insights on market share, products and services, forecasts of markets activity, M&A, energy policy & regulations, and key markets opportunities. 

For over 20 years, DNV GL’s Retail Energy Markets (REM) Advisory Service has helped our clients successfully navigate their most critical economic, regulatory, and business challenges. 

DNV GL works with individual clients to explore new opportunities and comprehend the scattered risks by applying our extensive insights to develop new, tailored engagements to meet specific business and market needs. With extensive practical experience in policy, market design, strategic insights, and customer-based behavior, we leverage our experts’ in-depth analysis and tailored consulting work.

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Our promise to our clients is to be an impartial leader of conversations, bringing executives together from different vantage points to cross-pollinate ideas, make connections, and discover new insights into the future of energy. 

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Join us at the Energy Executive Forum 2018. This year’s theme—Creating the Energy Future—speaks to the personal nature of transformation. Everyone knows the energy transition is happening. The question before us now is, what are we doing as executives to create our energy future? There is no beginning or end to this journey. It has begun, it’s now, and it will always be for companies that strive to be inventive and competitive.