Risk assessment of LNG systems and components


Backed by the latest LNG information, we can help you ensure your LNG-fuelled vessel fully complies and is safe.

An LNG risk assessment has to be accepted by the flag state before your LNG-fuelled ship can set sail. You need a reliable partner who identifies the challenges of your design and supports you during the approval process.

We carry out risk assessment according to IMO resolution MSC.285(86) and class rules for LNG-fuelled ships and the their bunkering.

The scope of our service includes:
  • A concept hazard identification (HAZID) of the intended integration of the gas system – identifying potential show stoppers or required design modifications at an early design stage
  • An FMEA based on the detailed design, taking into account external influences of the port’s operation on the operation and bunkering of the gas-fuelled vessel
  • Risk quantification to verify that the risk level of your new design is similar to a conventionally fuelled ship

Backed by our extensive expertise and experience in LNG vessels, we also provide recommendations for safety-relevant equipment so you can gain approval for your LNG-fuelled ship.

Keep your operations running with our support:

  • Identify potential hazards at an early design stage during the HAZID
  • Verification of safety via risk analysis, as required by flag state authorities
  • Gain proof of compliance with international regulations to reduce detention times

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Simon Mockler

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