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Maritime risks and emergencies courses

Cyber Security in the Maritime Industry - General Awareness Training

Training course providing general awareness training for all users regarding cyber security, thus ensuring that each employee fully understands the nature and importance of information security.

Emergency Preparedness and Crisis Management

Training course on improving a company’s emergency preparedness.

Handling the Media Effectively: The Role of the Spokesperson

Training course providing confidence and proficiency in media handling and crisis management as a spokesperson for your company.

HAZOP Leader Course

Training course providing sufficient knowledge to lead efficient HAZOP studies.

Introduction to Marine Incident Investigation and Analysis Course

Training course familiarising with the techniques to combine investigation and analysis and be able to apply this in daily practice.

Management of Change - Risk Assessment

Training course on tools to manage changes and risks and carry out Risk Assessment.

Marine Insurance and Claims

Training course giving give an understanding of the legal and practical aspects of marine insurance and claims management.

Maritime Risk Management and Incident Investigation

Foundation course introducing the key concepts as well as the relationship between risk management and incident investigation

Media Handling Awareness Course

Training course giving guidance on how to communicate efficiently with the press, both before, during and after emergencies.

Media Handling for Shipping Companies

Training course about new requirements on shipping media response and practical instructions on handling the media after a major accident

Practical Incident Investigation and Root Cause Analysis - Methods and Tools

Training course building on previous knowledge and experience of incident investigation with focus on using a variety of different methods

Practical Marine Risk Management and Management of Change

Training course building on previous knowledge or experience of risk assessment and highlighting a variety of different techniques

TMSA Workshop – Efficient Tanker Operation

Training course explaining practical application of risk assessment and management acc. to “TMSA Best Practice Guidance”.