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Mooring system management plan

We help owners and operators make sense of the OCIMF guideline to ensure safe mooring for gas carriers, chemical and oil tankers.

The maritime industry has seen many accidents due to mooring failure over the decades. The OCIMF has thus revised their mooring guideline and introduced a new requirement for a Mooring System Management Plan (MSMP).

The Fourth Edition 2018 (MEG4) of the OCIMF’s guideline introduces human-centric design principles, a systematic approach to mooring equipment in general and a holistic application to managing mooring lines to ensure safer mooring.

Actions to take

Ship operators should generate the MSMP plan as per OCIMF requirements, including all available information and records, per vessel. The plan shall be kept updated and all changes and modifications to the mooring system shall be included. The MSMP is to be used on board for crew reference and may be subject to review and inspection by vetting inspectors. SIRE VIQ7 coming into force on 17 September 2018 has introduced such a requirement.

DNV GL assists you

Our advisory team assist you in establishing a mooring equipment design philosophy, performing mooring force calculations, optimizing mooring arrangements, determining the necessary number and strength of mooring lines, and preparing the MSMP based on the MEG4 guidelines from the OCIMF.

In line with the objective to improve the safety of mooring systems, we have developed tools and methods for performing the mooring analysis, including:

  • Mooring force calculation
  • Optimal mooring pattern
  • Design loads
  • Safety factors
  • Strength for required mooring lines and fixed equipment

Such an analysis from DNV GL can be used to demonstrate the mooring design philosophy as required by Part B of the MSMP.

We have developed a detailed MSMP template reviewed by oil major and is found to meet their expectations. Request your MSMP template copy here.

Receive effective support to improve your mooring procedures:

  • Assistance in drawing up the MSMP for each of your vessels
  • Improved mooring system management practice
  • Review of your current system design
  • Safer mooring operation on board
  • Better preparedness for vetting

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