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Sankey energy mapping and monitoring

Sankey energy mapping and monitoring

Give everyone in your organization a clear picture of your energy flows through easy-to-understand Sankey diagrams.

Whether voluntary or required by legislation, energy audits help you evaluate the energy efficiency of your operations and identify potential savings. But to capitalize on those savings, people from across your organization have to understand how energy flows through your equipment and processes, so they can buy into proposed changes.

A Sankey diagram is the ideal way to enable that understanding. It provides detailed information on the distribution of all energy flows in your organization or process in a single and accessible visual representation.

A clarifying view
DNV GL can help you create Sankey diagrams that are as visually appealing as they are information-rich – helping everyone get engaged in your energy strategy. Our flexible tool combines the freedom of a simple drawing program with automatic features that ensure complete accuracy in your energy flows. It also automatically generates CO2 and financial flows from your energy flows.

As a result, you can deliver beautiful visual aids for decision makers that make it easy to identify the potential for savings, the need for (extra) metering, the efficiency of your equipment and processes, and much more.

Get an expert advantage everywhere
The tool has been thoroughly proven by our own experts in a host of energy audit reports for buildings (commercial and industrial) and industry (manufacturing processes). Besides energy flows, the tool can also be used for mapping material and information flows as well as decision processes. Its charts are ideal for improving the impact of any report, or as memory aids in control rooms and training materials for new hires.

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Sophie Chirez

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