Shaft whirling and axial vibration analysis

Whirling Axial Vibrations

We help you select the right combination of machinery components to prevent operational restrictions due to excessive vibration.

For rotating machinery to operate safely and reliably, you need to control vibration under all operating conditions. The wrong combination of machinery components may result in damage due to excessive vibration.

We offer our proven vibration analyses to shipyards, component manufacturers and the owners and operators of ships and offshore rigs. Our analysis service helps you eliminate the risk of costly bearing failures, shaft fractures or structural damage resulting from harmful vibrations.

Our experts provide natural frequency and forced vibration analysis of both axial vibrations and lateral whirling vibrations. These types of analysis are normally conducted for:

  • Calculations to verify conformity with classification rules or any other standards
  • Component selections for optimised functionality, for both newbuildings and retrofits
  • Feasibility and concept studies of shafting design and propulsion options at an early design phase
  • Operational optimisation and damage investigation

We also perform verification measurements and analysis, including recommendations for the best solution for your needs.

Accurate results, expert solutions – rely on DNV GL for your shafting analysis needs:

  • Be confident, knowing we have extensive contact with different marine component manufacturers for a thorough understanding of all machinery components
  • Benefit from our expert personnel and equipment for performing all types of shaft and machinery vibration measurements
  • Profit from tailor-made recommendations and solutions based on the reliable analysis results

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