Shared Structural Inspection (SSI)

Shared Structural Inspection

Shared Structural Inspection (SSI) enables the owner to take part in the structural inspection of the unit. The inspection scope is shared between the owner and class.

Structural inspection requires planning and the mobilization of the class surveyor(s) and owner’s personnel to perform the survey.  In some cases, a change in operation also calls for the cancellation or re-scheduling of planned inspection activities.

With the approved survey arrangement SSI, the owner can perform parts (up to 50%) of the inspection scope without involving class. Read more in our rules "DNVGL-RU-OU-0300" available here.

The main benefits you will get with Shared Structural Inspection:

  • SSI enables shorter mobilization time 
  • Provides better utilization and flexibility by inspection activities being performed when opportunities arise in operations
  • The owner is more involved and has more control over the structural integrity

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