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Risk management of marine operations

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Simulation of marine operations - Sima software

Simulation of marine operations

Sima software is a complete tool for simulation of marine operations from modelling to results, built on software for dynamic analysis. Both 3D and 2D graphics make understanding the results fast and intuitive.

Visual simulation of the engineering calculations of marine operations, including feasibility evaluation, distinguishing challenging tasks, preparation for the actual operation, familiarization and cross-disciplinary communication are all included in Sima software. In addition, Sima software provides decision support during actual operation, including online monitoring, visibility and ‘what-if’ analysis, offering state-of-the-art risk management.

Typical applications of Sima software

  • Lifting of topsides and modules
  • Lifting and installation of subsea equipment (templates, pipelines, flexible risers)
  • Floatover installation/removal of topsides
  • Load-out from quay to barge
  • Offloading (tankers in tandem or side-by-side)
  • Offshore crane operations
  • Subsea installation (e.g. subsea templates)
  • Jacket/deck lift installation and removal (floatover)
  • Transportation (towing) of TLP Installation of TLP and GBS by e.g. tugs
  • Up-ending of spar buoy
  • Towing