Smart city infrastructure, technologies and solutions - Digital and connected cities

Smart citiy infrastructure development for digital and connected cities

With our asset management and analytics solutions for performance, sustainability and safety, we lay the foundation for smart city infrastructure and digital, connected cities.

Smart city infrastructure

By 2025 the world will have 80 billion sensor devices providing greater connectivity based on enormous amounts of data. With the right systems in place along with quality control and data analysis, it is possible to ensure that smart city infrastructure and assets are optimized for efficiency, sustainability and safety.

Asset and infrastructure owners and operators delivering high level services trust our smart city data analytics services and software. We provide insights into predictive maintenance, asset performance and data quality, viewable on smart cities dashboards. Based on these insights into smart city infrastructure, we can create roadmaps for digital transformation and strategies. We can leverage and customize our tools for handling sensors, data, and assets. These tools are relied upon by facility managers, estate managers and critical infrastructure operators.

Smart city technologies and solutions

DNV GL’s unique domain expertise in smart city technologies and solutions:

  • We set international standards in risk management
  • We establish data management methodologies
  • We offer agile digital development for asset operators
  • We have world class engineering domain experts with focus on smart city technologies and solutions
  • We are a trusted partner with five decades of experience in providing software solutions to the energy and utilities sectors, highly relevant for developing smart city infrastructure
  • We are an independent foundation assisting city decision-makers through the maze of hardware, software and platform providers

Digital smart city condition-based monitoring systems

Sensor systems that support condition-based monitoring are key to capitalizing on the value of existing assets in digital smart cities. Condition-based monitoring is a step forward from traditional prescriptive and time-based approaches to inspections. We analyse digital smart city sensor data and survey results to optimize inspection programs based on the actual state of assets. Using our dashboards and digital smart city analytics, we can predict when an asset is likely to fail – the basis of predictive maintenance strategies. It is also possible to target areas that should be inspected more thoroughly and to avoid spending time evaluating areas that show no significant degradation, based on sensor feedback. This, in the end, results in time and cost savings. Our digital smart city systems can be used on a wide variety of asset types.

Data quality assessment framework for smart city infrastructure

Advanced industrial operations are dependent on information systems for control and analysis. Data quality is a prerequisite for performance of analytics and ensuring reliable operations when working with big data sets and sensors. Our smart city technologies and solutions help you get the most out of your data stream. Our data quality assessments are based on analytics-driven strategies and a continuous improvement cycle for digital, smart city infrastructure. To ensure both reliable operations and valid analytics, it is important that the data quality is assessed and continuously monitored for all critical systems and services. Our framework consists of three main parts: data quality assessment, organizational maturity assessment and data quality risk assessment for the digital, smart city.

Improving reliability and reducing operating costs with Veracity

Our open industry platform Veracity connects sensors to users in a safe and secure way, delivering high levels of trust in smart city technologies and solutions. We combine domain expertise in smart city infrastructure with digital development such as big data analytics, simulation and visualization, predictive maintenance, and machine learning capabilities to assist our business partners in their pursuit of safe, efficient and optimized solutions for the digital, smart city.

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