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Synergi Pipeline inspection

Asset inspection management and field data collection system supporting gas leak survey /leak tracking, Cathodic Protection (CP) and gas facility inspections

Inspection management

Synergi Pipeline Inspection Manager is an asset-tracking, inspection and field data collection system for coordinating your network facilities' routine inspection, maintenance and regulatory compliance activities.

What you get with Inspection Manager software

  • Business-focused solution supporting asset integrity management in the oil and gas sector for gas distribution networks and pipeline systems – for asset-tracking, inspection and field data collection
  • Ability to establish inspection programmes, assign and coordinate resources, review status reports and to act upon alerts raised by non-compliance with inspection schedules or exceptions in maintenance reports
  • Automatic synchronization of inspection schedules and work assignments
  • Unified environment providing a single source of information for managing and monitoring activities across multiple departments, improving organizational efficiency, improving safety and reducing operational costs
  • Intelligent business forms can be integrated with a range of electronic devices such as GPS and voltmeters for automated data collection

Key benefits of Synergi Pipeline Inspection Manager

  • Helps improve performance and reduce costs associated with inspection and maintenance
  • Helps reduce incidence of missed regulatory requirement dates
  • Eliminates redundancy in data management
  • Reduces paperwork and improves efficiency and accuracy of programme administration and field data collection
  • Maintains the business rules, schedules and historical information for the inspection and maintenance tasks
  • Multiple modules can be implemented to meet your needs
  • Can be implemented as a fully independent solution or integrated with other products, including your existing enterprise asset management system
  • Inbuilt configuration to industry-specific requirements
  • Complements existing general purpose work management systems
  • DNV GL has experienced implementation teams led by industry experts

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